This woman took disabled dogs to the beach for the first time

They know how to have fun 🥰

Dogs are the purest creatures and for them the smallest thing in everyday life can be a reason to be happy, such as going for a walk, returning from the owner’s work.

Outdoor studies are the most interesting for many dogs, but unfortunately not all find it easy.Unfortunately, many dogs are handicapped and cannot easily cross the places where normal dogs usually hang out.

Rocky landscapes, areas with very dense vegetation and bodies of water are all barriers to dog wheelchairs.Although many dogs enjoy going to the beach, unfortunately for many, even that is out of reach.

That’s why this woman named Salima Kadaoui went to the beach with her disabled dogs and therefore founded SFT Animal Sanctuary.Many of these dogs are paralyzed after being hit by a car.

This woman does everything to make the animals feel complete.With the help of special wheelchairs, they can even run on the sand.

We should be more like those dogs. Լove what we have without even considering what we lack. They know how to have fun.

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