Rottweiler Dog Does Not Accept End Of Walk, Refuses To Get Out Of Car And Video Makes Web Laugh

“He never wants to get out of the car after going to Dunkin Donuts where he gets a treat,” said his owner.

A rottweiler dog named Vinny conquered social media after sitting like a human in the seat and not wanting to get out of the car anymore.

The fact happened on October 28 in Salisbury, United States. His owner recorded the dog trying to hide so he wouldn’t be pulled out of the car.

“You have to get out of the car, you can’t hide come on,” she added. “You have to leave, we can’t stay in the car”, asked her guardian.

In the video published by the ViralHog YouTube channel on November 22, it is possible to notice that the rottweiler puts his head as close to the back of the seat as possible so that his owner cannot see him.

“Vinny loves to ride in the car. He sits like a human! He is the most adorable and sweetest dog in the world. He never wants to get out of the car after going to Dunkin Donuts and/or the bank where he gets a treat,” he highlighted in the caption.

In all, the publication had more than 16 thousand views. “Vinny’s straight little legs are so funny,” commented one woman. “Rottweilers have a bad reputation, but they are such big babies! My grandfather’s pouted and loved to sit on grandma’s lap! He was a marshmallow!” said Mary.

“Whoever is behind the video posting, thank you. It made me laugh and made my day,” Jojo said. Watch the funny moment in video below:

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