Homeless Man Helped Save Animals From Fire At Shelter Facility

A homeless guy raced inside a blazing house used to shelter rescued animals in Atlanta,

Georgia, in attempt to save the animals from the roaring flames. Friday afternoon, the offices of W-Underdogs, a nonprofit committed to assisting rescued animals, caught fire.

Only the animals were on site at the time of the major fire since shelter personnel were collecting contributions and supplies.

According to WSB-TV, as the house caught fire, a homeless man from down the street rushed over and assisted in the evacuation of all the animals.

The fire department’s swift response contained the flames before the structure was destroyed, but the residence was rendered uninhabitable.

W-Underdogs’ creator, Gracie Hamlin, claimed the incident was caused by an electrical problem, and she thanked everyone who assisted.

“Tonight, we are grateful to our guardian angels, the homeless guy who went into our blazing house and rescued our animals, the fire department, and the @fultonanimalservices MJ officers for their rapid response. Our animals are in good hands.”

W-Underdogs was set to move into its new headquarters, as if fate had planned it, and volunteers were able to transport the animals there. Despite the fact that the new facilities were not yet totally ready for the relocation, the animals were permitted to spend the night there.

“For the night, we were able to securely transport the animals to the new location.” In their new temporary home, everyone is happy, warm, safe, and comfortable.”

As a result of the unexpected relocation, the group launched a campaign to urgently request assistance and materials to aid with the transfer.

Many individuals have come forward to offer their grain of sand in the form of blankets, food, and other supplies to the new shelter facilities.

The animal shelter workers explained that what they actually need is for all of their foster dogs and cats to find permanent homes.

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