An old dog starts crying when she sees her best friend come back from the army

Dogs never forget their best friends 🤩

This dog is called Buddy, he is thirteen years old.

He lived with his best friend Hannah Foraker all his life.However, after a few years he had to join the army and went to Oklahoma.

The girl was very sad that she had to leave her beloved animals, the dog and the horse.So when Hannah came home for Christmas vacation 3 months later, she couldn’t wait to meet her and her dog.

The dog has lived with him since he was a puppy. The dog is now very old and suffers from arthritis and is largely deaf. But that doesn’t stop him from welcoming Hannah as warmly as possible.

When he saw his beloved friend, he was very moved and started crying.

Dogs never forget their best friends, it’s a reminder that we need to take care of our best friends and there really is nothing in the world more loyal than a dog.

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